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Mobile Application

Mobile application is a software which is designed and developed to run on the smartphone, tablet or other devices. Gone are the days when having a website was enough to make your presence in the digital world. According to Google, We are living in an era where almost more than 60% of google searches are coming from mobile devices. As demand for smart and high performance devices with the latest technology is increasing so rapidly. It is essential for a business to provide unified user experience by harnessing the power of mobile technologies to remain competitive in this fast growing market.

Technologies keep advancing every day, Everything that was accessible only from the web once has already brought down to the mobile platforms or somebody is working to bring it into the user’s hands. This increase in demands is making innovation an essential part of our world, As the technical landscape is changing faster than ever, newer and better technologies are advancing. And we already know that how important the mobile device is to the users as well as the application which they have installed in their mobile, Right!

But we know very less of the different types of Mobile Applications that there are. And to your surprise, it is equally critical to choose the correct type of ‘Mobile Application’ as your business directly affects the type you choose.

Know How it affects the overall system of your business while digging deep with us into the ‘Mobile Application Development’ process. At BarSpan, We have defined and delivered a vast variety of mobile applications, so we’ll make it easy for you to know that which type of Mobile Application you need for your Business.

Cross platform / Hybrid apps :

Like native mobile apps, Hybrid Applications can be installed on your Android Ios and Windows device . Hybrid Mobile Applications are developed by combining web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript With native platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows.Hybrid apps can lake leverage of native platform features like Accelerometer, camera, GPS etc. With hybrid apps we can play games, take photos, shop online and much more, in short almost any app that is out there can be developed using hybrid technologies. And while hybrid applications take advantages of different native features across platforms in common development technologies, these are also referred as Cross Platform Applications.

Technologies behind hybrid apps like Xamarin, React Native, Ionic Cordova/PhoneGap, IBM Worklight etc are rapidly improvising as more and more organizations are opting hybrid solutions.Leading organizations like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apache, Airbnb, Alibaba are developing hybrid technologies and using them in their production apps.

If you are targeting all major platforms like IOS, Android, and Windows then opting Hybrid App Development could be the ideal choice as it has several advantages:

  • Hybrid Apps are 30-40% faster to develop as the development for android, Ios and Windows can be done at the same time, hence faster in production.
  • Hybrid apps development cost only 60-70% of native app development cost, hence less expensive.
  • Reduce dependency on developers with native skills only, hence easier to maintain.

iOS Application development :

It all begin with Apple, this whole new era of smartphones, smart watches or smart apps for smart users of our smart world. iOS apps are tailored for the complete range of devices includes iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. Everyone across the world is flattered by this state of art platform named iOS and wants to make their presence on. With almost 1 trillion apps downloads iTune store is not only growing than ever but charms the life of business persons like us. iOS as a platform has given a whole new identification to mobile application economy, and today for everything we can think of, there are a number of apps to choose from.

As the platform itself, the iPhone and iPad application development scenario is somewhat exclusive as compared to similar development scenario for platforms like android and windows. Here at BarSpan, we make magic happen by using Xcode ( Apple’s official Integrated Development Environment ), Objective-C, Cocoa, Swift, and UiKit. We develop highly scalable, robust iPhone and iPad applications of immense utility to empower modern businesses for optimal productivity to meet the ultimate objective of our clients. We are actively developing and maintaining iOS Applications in all the major streams including business, eCommerce, entertainment, games, education etc.

With the release of powerful language Swift and then iOS 10 and a brand new version of their fully featured Integrated Development Environment XCode, number of iOS apps on the iTune store is increasing with each passing day. As per recent data, there are around 2,200,000 apps on app store. As it is clear that iOS is considered as one of the best mobile development platforms, iOS Application Development has been and will be in high demand.

Android application development:

Google’s Android dominates the smartphone market by capturing 82% of the total market shares as per the last quarter of 2016. Android is not only limited to mobile phones but also have a strong grasp on other markets like Android TV, Android Wearables, and Android Auto. While Android supports a variety of devices like Smartwatches, Automobiles, Televisions, Mobile Phone, and Tablets. We can categorize android apps in four major categories

  • Android phones and Tablets Applications
  • Android wearables Applications
  • Android Automobiles Applications
  • Android Television Applications

As the competition in the market is growing so is the demand for high-performance Mobile Applications and staying ahead in the essence of every successful business. While there is an abundance of Agencies as well as individuals who develop Android Application, We feel proud to claim that Barspan stands out from the rest of the crowd. Our Android Application Development team is highly experienced and well informed about different technical aspects of android APIs. As we all are living in this very competitive world, it is our mantra to keep up with frequent changes so we can deliver exclusive solutions.

With so frequent releases of new android APIs more and more features are being added to android platform and more apps are getting published and being updated with each passing day. From e-Commerce Applications, Amazon to transport Apps like Uber and OLA, from Biggest Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram to Whatsapp and Snapchat, and from very popular games like Candy Crush to PokemonGo Android has always provided us with a variety of popular apps and keep doing so with batter, more stable and robust Applications.

iPhone Game development:

iOS game development is quite different from conventional iOS app development in the sense that it requires highly imaginative minds possessing technical and creative skills to ensure best user experience. To ensure that our game will be a success it’s mandatory to have Beautifully crafted graphics, an awesome story, engaging gameplay and most importantly it should be free from errors.The revenue generated by mobile gaming industry is increasing exponentially and more than 80% of apps that are download nowadays are games. As the trend of mobile gaming is increasing so the revenue generated by mobile gaming. As of last year mobile gaming industry generated around $40 billion.

With every passing day, there are more and more games but only a few are highly favored. Here at BarSpan we design and develop games while ensuring that it should have potential to attract users by making it visually exciting and addictive by taking cues from the power that is offered by the phenomenal platform like iOS. we are quick to understand this graded services of iPhone game development.As they say, it takes a gamer to make an exciting game. We brag that we are better at developing iPhone games as being gamers ourself we are fully exposed to this industry and we understand gamer psyche. As well as we are equally experienced in technologies like Cocos2D, Cocos3D, Unity, and Corona SDK.

Android game development:

As of trends, more than 80% times a typical Android user is downloading some blazing game from Google’s Play Store. While Android Gaming Platform is favored by mobile gamers more than any other platform, the Android Game Development market is springing up so fast with the revenue of more than $40 billion in past year.Android game development requires strong application design and development skills. Only some highly imaginative minds possessing strong technical and creative skills can ensure best user experience. As to make the mobile game a success it’s mandatory to have Beautifully crafted graphics with an awesome story, engaging gameplay and most importantly it should be free from errors.

We at BarSpan as a seasoned team of Android game developers who possess well experience in designing and developing astonishing and quality-oriented games. We have laudable skills in developing function-rich Android Games in both native and hybrid approaches and have been working so hard every day to make our Android Game development muscle stronger. So far we have successfully delivered our each project with smiling faces and 100% satisfaction for both our clients and us. Our Android development teams work closely with iOS development teams, so we can also convert and develop your Android game for iOS platform and vice versa.

Phonegap / Cordova Ionic : iCON OF BOTH

Ionic is a front end User Interface framework for mobile applications, the Ionic framework uses web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and AngularJS to create beautiful UI and provides some very thrilling and Smooth Animations. As the leading framework for cross-platform hybrid mobile application development, Ionic along with Apache Cordova or PhoneGap is being widely used by large organizations. And with the help of Cordova Plugins, it can access common Native Features of major mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Ionic is highly favored by mobile development community as it combine the best of both worlds the web, and platform native features. PhoneGap or Cordova provides a set JavaScript APIs that can access device’s native sensors such as Camera, GPS, Accelerometer, and Contacts, etc.

Xamarin Application development: iCON, C# AND .NET

Xamarin application development is one of the key approaches to developing a cross-platform mobile application. It is based on Microsoft technology stack and initially was built and maintained by the developers of Mono until acquired by Microsoft. Different from other cross-platform mobile application development platform like Titanium, Ionic etc, Xamarin’s code is natively compiled hence it achieves better performance with native look and feel. In technical terms, Xamarin uses c# as the development language and .Net wrapper for native libraries and APIs. Every successful business widens its reach by being on a variety of platforms for maximum impact, but it’s expensive and error prone to maintain different code bases for each one of the platforms.

There are other solutions to this problem, like Hybrid Applications, due to their ubiquitous access and ability to “write once and run everywhere”. However hybrid apps tend to be less interactive, have similar UI for every platform and most importantly can’t achieve native performance. On the other hand, Xamarin approach of taking middle path respects the uniqueness of each platform and also recognizes that beyond the user interface, mobile applications have a lot of highly reusable components that can be shared across platforms. For example, code for accessing Web services, database, and business logic can be reused easily on the iOS and Android platforms, this allows us to create unique UI for each platform and components that can be reused easily between platform.

React Native Development :

React Native is the trendiest and incredibly simple Javascript Library to develop Cross Platform Mobile Applications. It was initially developed and maintained by Facebook until they made it open source; which allowed other famous organizations like Instagram, Yahoo!, Airbnb, Sony, and so forth to contribute to its development and take advantage of its power in production. React native development is getting prevalent nowadays as the code is usable for both iOS and Android that saves up development time and cost. Unlike typical Hybrid mobile application development frameworks, Application development with React native is fast, agile and achieves native app results as its approach to mobile app development provides improved performance with native API’s features and splits elements into little segments that can be reused. The likelihood to reuse helps organizations in bringing their product on Android & iOS platforms; while simultaneously Building, Releasing, and maintain with significantly less cost. In short React Native provides best of both native and hybrid worlds.

In this highly competitive environment where iOS, and Android predominantly ruling the mobile application landscape, organizations are continuously seeking short application development cycle while maintaining superior performance. Everyone building mobile applications is often in a dilemma in choosing Native technology that delivers superior user experience or Hybrid technology with shorter development time that runs on multiple platforms and devices? The ultimate solution is the use of React Native which helps in developing visually rich, practically solid, and optimally functional mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms that save a lot of money without compromising the quality. We at BarSpan apply cutting edge advancements with the help of our team of Experienced React Js developers. And our QA team ensures the best quality of solution by multiple cycles of functionality testing and UI/UX testing.

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